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Novility P.A.L.

Personal learning on the go.

Designed to meet your workforce needs, Novility P.A.L. is the modern-day version of hospitality training.

Learning core housekeeping procedures is now as easy as touching a screen. Interactive, mobile and intuitive, this is a user-friendly solution that takes training where you need it to be.

Novility P.A.L. turns tedious paper and training manuals into fun, captivating content that is easily accessible and never out of reach.

Novility P.A.L.
Portable Accelerated Learning

Mobile training done right

Anywhere, anytime.

Our training tool is made for demanding, fast-paced operations. Fitting high-pressure environments is one of P.A.L.’s greatest assets.  

Keep track of training.

Measure and evaluate training performance while providing real-time feedback to your team.

Language savvy.

With Novility P.A.L. your team will be able to learn confidently in their native language.

Tailored to your schedule.

Define training to match your business goals and fit your demanding operational schedules effortlessly.

Flexible content.

P.A.L.’s tailored learning modules are created to suit your business objectives. A detailed content library that focuses on core procedures for you to set up training the way you need it to be.

Consistent training.

P.A.L. delivers the same training material through the same medium across your organization, leaving no room for error and avoiding incorrect learning habits.

Novility P.A.L. in 3 simple steps

Set up

Create dedicated training programs and assign them to your employees.

Track & analyze

Measure performance and monitor training progress with insightful statistics.

Refine & improve

Access overall training intelligence and run repetition sessions where necessary.

A win-win-win situation

For your business

Decreased shadowing time

Reduced training costs

Increased cleanliness ratings

Better review scores

High-performing team

Higher employee retention

Improved brand image and reputation

Happy and loyal customers

For your team

Effective knowledge acquisition

Long-term knowledge retention

Increased productivity

Engaging learning experience

Operational efficiency

For your guests

A memorable experience that leads to positive reviews and satisfaction.

All your training in one place.

Driven by performance. Measured by perfection.

A one-stop cloud-based platform to manage all aspects of your training. Track progress, compare performance and monitor everything through powerful and intuitive dashboards.


Create your own training programs and assign them to the relevant teams.


Keep track of your employees’ progress. Assign repetition sessions to refresh knowledge and improve overall performance.


Identify the KPIs that match your business needs and use them to maximize your training impact.


Analyze real-time aggregate online review scores to spot areas in need of improvement. Use our Novility Performance Index (NPI) to keep an eye on overall reputation and that of your direct competitors.


Get an overview with regular updates about your account, assistance on training implementation and request technical support whenever necessary.

Housekeeping essentials

Novility’s housekeeping module contains in-depth learning material for room attendants at every level. A training resource designed to address real hotel needs, improve productivity and performance, and prepare your employees for their daily housekeeping tasks.

Our housekeeping training module consists of the core procedures for hotel room cleaning divided into the following chapters:

  • Introduction to housekeeping
  • Entering the room
  • Preparing the room
  • Gathering the rubbish
  • Removing dirty linen
  • Bathroom cleaning preparation
  • Placing bed linen
  • Dusting the room
  • Cleaning room appliances
  • Checking room and bathroom supplies
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Cleaning the floor
  • Final room checking

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