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Inside Novility: Meet Yunny, Business Development Associate
10 October 2017, by Cem Benhason in Inside Novility

Get to know the faces of Novility who make the magic happen behind the scenes. This month on Inside Novility: Yunny aka. Yunnycorn – our Business Development Associate!


So, you’re from South Korea. How is life different here compared to your home?

Wow, I would like to say everything - I don’t know where to begin! I’ve been living in Europe for about five years now; four years in Switzerland for my studies at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and almost a year in the Netherlands. To highlight some of the major differences, especially with where I am living right now, here the landscape is so flat that you can pretty much see everything that’s around! It’s the opposite where I come from, Seoul, where we have a plethora of tall buildings and hills. You are surrounded with places that are lively 24/7, meaning that there is something to do anytime of the day. Things usually happen in an unexpected and unpredictable way; you just go out and let things happen. Also, life in Asia is more community based where connectivity and sense of belonging are important. On the other hand, things are different in Europe where you are induced to be an independent individual. You learn to embrace peacefulness and calmness, and figure out your true self, which has been an interesting journey for the six months I have been here.


Tell us a bit more about your background before you joined Novility.

Before coming here, I was back at Seoul for a month to spend time with my family and thank them for their continuous support, which always gave me the strength to keep going. Like I mentioned, I studied at EHL and I did two internships as part of my program. My first internship was more operational; I worked at Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Indonesia, as a Guest Relations intern. It was my very first job experience where I learned about working itself, having colleagues and the essence of the operational aspect of the hotel. Operations is really about putting on a show and I liked this aspect; it was a nice experience overall. My second internship was at the Regent Hotels Corporate Office in Taipei, Taiwan. This experience taught me to work autonomously, manage business relationships, as well as plan and prepare for the future as it was on a corporate level. Ceaselessly homing different cultures truly made me who I am now.


What attracted you the most to join Novility?

I first saw Novility at the Career Fair at EHL. I was instantly fascinated by the product itself and how it was presented because as much as I’m interested in hospitality, I like technology too. What influenced me the most was the interaction I had with the Novility team – I was warmly welcomed. EHL is a unique school where connection between people matters, maybe a bit more than other places. Having this background, I truly appreciated the way we communicated with the HR team; it was seamless and genuine. I liked the way they promoted the company culture and the philosophy, which are crucial aspects for me. And, here I am right now :-)


What is the most memorable thing you experienced working at Novility?

I would say the two tradeshows I’ve been to. The first one was HITEC Amsterdam and I recently was in London for Hotel Tech Live 2017. Because we are a startup, we are and should be continuously improving, upgrading and enhancing things, and trade shows are unique occasions where we again put on a show and demonstrate our offering. People we meet bring new perspectives and provide fruitful feedback, which is significant to execute the accurate developments.


What inspires you?

My source of inspiration is everywhere. I’ve been experiencing different cultures and a new way of living life in the past few years, which made me a more open minded person. I observe, understand and accept things the way they are and find something interesting about them, rather than comparing how they would be back at home. Moreover, I am inspired by people with purpose, who are passionate about what they are doing and aware of the direction they are headed to.


What secret talent do you have?

If I tell you now it won’t be a secret anymore :-) A side of mine that I don’t show very often is my interest in music; I used to perform and that might be my little secret.


If you had to get a new tattoo tomorrow, what would it be?

I have a tattoo that symbolizes my best friend and my love for music. The second one would definitely be something to remind me of my sisters.


If you could have a superpower, what would it be & why?

Teleporting! I have so many people I want to see, and there are so many places I'd like to visit in this world.

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