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Inside Novility: Meet Robin, User Experience Designer
22 September 2017, by Cem Benhason in Inside Novility

Get to know the faces of Novility who make the magic happen behind the scenes. This month on Inside Novility: Robin aka. Robinho – our User Experience Designer!


Tell us a bit more about your background before you joined Novility.

I studied Industrial Design Engineering in Delft University of Technology, and continued my education with a Master’s degree in Integrated Product Design. After graduation, I started working at Vodafone as an Account Manager, which was an opportunity to discover the Sales field and learn more about the forefront of an organization. After around two years, I had a strong feeling that I had to take a step towards design, which has always been my passion. I wanted to do something specifically about creating unique user experience, and here I am right now!


What is the best thing about working at Novility?

I appreciate the way people interact with each other. There are people from many different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, and people approach each other with respect, openness and a sense of curiosity to learn about one another. It is fascinating to be in such a colorful environment where you can learn so much, both personally and professionally. Another important thing is that this company allows and encourages you to learn and improve yourself continuously by providing various resources.


You have been working here for 5 months now. How is everything going so far?

Everything is going great, and it is getting better every day as I am much more involved in decisions and processes. Since the beginning, I’ve had the opportunity to learn and explore about the company, industry, my job, roles of people – also discover how I will be able to fit in and bring something different on the table. I’m a person who likes to discover on his own because I believe that this way the learning process is more efficient and permanent. All in all, I can say it has been quite a transition, in a good way :)


How does a typical day look like for you?

I travel with the train to work for around an hour, and I enjoy this journey either with a nice read or an episode from one of my favorite TV shows. When I arrive to work, I get myself a nice cappuccino and after that the journey begins. Design is a journey; you know the direction you want head to, but you don’t know about the amazing things you will experience along the way. As a User Experience Designer, I also see the user’s experience as a journey, and I focus on ways of making their journey the most efficient, interesting and inspiring for them.


What makes you good at your job?

I’m a passionate person and linking that trait to my job, I’m passionate about discovering new things and passionate about seeing how people are going to experience what I build or design. I aspire to set something new, bring something new to the market; something that people love. If you approach your work with love and passion, then the people will approach your work with love and passion as well.


What are your main responsibilities at Novility?

I mainly work on new product content creation and assist with the product developments. In addition, I handle the design tasks for commercial purposes including branding and preparation of various marketing materials.


Which song best describes you?

I’m quite a laid-back person. I find challenges exciting; they give me energy instead of stress. So, my song would be Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Three Little Birds) by Bob Marley.


What are you known for?

I’m known for being an open, passionate and a reliable guy. I’m also the guy who is always up for doing something fun. So, if there is an exciting travel plan, a festival or a party, you call Robin.


What does Robinho do on a Sunday afternoon?

Watching football with my ice-cold beer and playing old vinyl records at home.

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