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7 Reasons Why Housekeepers Are the Heroes Behind the Scenes
10 October 2017, by Cem Benhason in Hotel Operations

When you step into your hotel room and examine the fresh and clean sheets, towels and perfectly aligned bathroom amenities, do you ever think about the people who were behind all of it? Housekeepers get up early, work hard and stay late at work to make sure that we are living in a clean and healthy environment.

At times, their efforts may go unnoticed or be taken for granted. People tend to think about them only when something is NOT clean. However, they play an essential part in the creation of positive guest experiences. That’s why every September since 1981, International Healthcare & Housekeepers Week has been celebrated to recognize and appreciate the dedicated professionals who are working tirelessly to make our lives easier and more comfortable.


Here are 7 reasons why housekeepers are the heroes behind the scenes in a hotel:


1. They ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of all hotel areas.

The principal task of housekeepers is to keep the guest rooms and public areas clean. The spotless rooms, redolent hallways, shining lobby, flawless spa and all other well-kept common areas are the result of the hard work of dedicated housekeepers.


2. They have various duties in the hotel.

Apart from being responsible of the cleanliness of all hotel areas, housekeepers are in charge of laundry services, linen management, maintenance of hotel furniture, arts, crafts and plants, reporting malfunctioning items, assuring the guest privacy and handling guest requests; from providing extra pillows to helping guests to pack before departure.


3. They ensure guest safety, security and comfort.

Housekeepers have the tasks that should make the guests feel the safety and comfort of home. Guests should feel confident when they leave their personal belongings in their rooms, which is up to the room attendants to provide this sense of trust and safety. In addition, housekeepers are responsible for reporting broken or damaged equipment, which could be inconvenient and hazardous for the guests.


4. They coordinate with different departments.

Having to check out early because someone else is going to take your room is not fun. However, there is a good reason for that. As a guest checks out, housekeepers work their magic and prepare the room for the incoming guest, which is a procedure that requires robust communication between the housekeepers and Front Office. In addition, housekeepers also collaborate with the Food & Beverage department, for instance, when empty trays are left out in the hallways, to make sure that the public areas are spotless.


5. They significantly contribute to the reputation of the hotel.

Studies show that online bookers are more likely to be driven off from a property if the cleanliness score is low. They can’t be blamed – who wants to visit an improper hotel? After a stay, the cleanliness of the hotel might not be the first attribute that the guests will appreciate because it is a prominent standard, but if opposite, the poor maintenance of the premises would be a major dissatisfactory aspect.


6. They are the ones that will give the guests the initial idea of ‘where they are staying’.

They say, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. When guests enter the hotel or their rooms, the first thing they will do is to have a quick look around and establish a fundamental perception of the property they will stay at. As housekeepers are responsible for ensuring that the hotel looks, feels and smells pleasant, it is accurate to say that they play an integral part in determining the guests' first impression, which is crucial.


7. Although they have minimal interaction with the guests, they work tirelessly behind the scenes.

Amongst all the operational departments in a hotel, housekeepers are the ones who don’t have many occasions to interact and communicate with the guests. Even though their function is vital in a hotel, and they are the ones who establish the fundamentals of the ‘home away from home’ feeling, their efforts are often taken for granted.

So, a massive thank you goes out to all housekeepers all around the world! You are the heroes behind the scenes heart

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