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Introducing hospitality's smartest training solution.

Hospitality training. Redefined by technology.

Refined skills don't just walk through the door.
They're born out of meticulous training.

Personal one-on-one coaching is widely recognized in our industry, but it costs time and resources. That's why we use innovative technology to redefine it.

We make training faster and more effective while creating a truly interactive experience, far more consistent than any mentor could ever be.

Novility L.I.V.E.

The hands-on learning revolution.

Resource and time-efficient.

The perfect complement for shadowing. Your employees train independently, without the need for supervision and at their own pace.

In all languages.

No more language barriers. Our solution offers training in your employees’ native languages.

Engaging and interactive.

Motion-tracking technology is at the core of our solution. We transform training into an immersive experience of touch, movement and sound.

Less injuries.

We take ergonomic training seriously. Our motion-tracking technologies enable your team to learn safe work practices.

Gather insightful data.

Keep track of your team’s every training move. Follow up on their progress and measure performance accurately.

Trigger positive reviews.

Our training is complete and detail-oriented. It prepares your team to be the very best in every aspect of the job and provide an even more unforgettable guest experience.

The Novility Ecosystem

Novility L.I.V.E.

Learning In Virtual Environment

Novility Training Module: Housekeeping*

Our newly released housekeeping training module is an indispensable part of your employee’s learning process. It contains the essentials of room cleaning with a focus on protocol, language and ergonomics training.


*Additional training modules to be released soon

Novility H.E.L.P.

Hospitality Excellence Learning Platform


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